The efficiency of a machine is extremely contingent upon the proper operation, correct adjustments and maintenance.

Your staff will be trained in intensive courses by BAADER-specialists for a deep understanding of the working method, operation, maintenance and all other important technical details of the machine.


Successful and Productive Training

The BAADER service program starts with an inhouse training to ensure that the machine operators are familiar with the performance of the machines.

We regularly train your personnel during our visits at your facility. We reinforce best practices in maintenance, operation and cleaning and also make sure new employees receive appropriate training.

Careful planning is a key factor for successful and productive training. We work together with you to customize your training for effectiveness - ensuring that key personnel will be able to attend and that the training time will not disturb your production.


Training focuses on three key staff areas:


Proper operation of your equipment is important to achieve optimization and production goals - minimizing downtime and ensuring high efficiency. Our goal is to make sure that your personnel can handle the equipment in a safe, correct and efficient way, so you can reach your goals.

  • Safety
  • Start-up
  • Production


Improper cleaning is a strong issue contributing reduction of the equipment lifetime. We focus on training your personnel in the most effective cleaning methods and how to prevent damages to your equipment during cleaning processes.

  • Safety
  • Cleaning systems overview
  • Hygiene
  • Proper cleaning methods


Service@BAADER 's greatest value comes from preventing unexpected costs through regular, preventive maintenance. So, we prioritize training for your own maintenance staff. We want to seamlessly cooperate with you to minimize your downtime and optimize the performance of our equipment.

  • Safety
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance intervals
  • Technical updates
  • Performance enhancements


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