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Separator Technology

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Separator Technology

Baader QualityWhat is BAADER Meat?

Was ist eigentlich BAADER Fleisch?

BAADER has devoloped a unique and worldwide proven method for separating soft and solid components for a wide range of applications:

  • Desinewing from pre-cut red meat, poultry and fish
  • Puree and juice production from fruits and vegetables
  • Depackaging of small packages

A variety of raw product can be refined using this method.

A squeezing belt feeds the product to a perforated drum and presses the soft components through the holes of the drum. The solid components remain outside the drum. The ratio between yield and quality can be influenced by means of adjusting the pressure roller.

BAADER guarantees the highest product yield of superior quality.

The BAADER range of Soft Separators are available in five models, each with various options suitable for different applications and capacities.

The throughput values vary extremely in dependence of the hole size in the perforated drum, the type of in-feeding, the product and its pre-treatment (e. g. degree of pre-grinding), the feeding temperature, the selected pressure etc. The values for each application have to be determined individually between the customer of the machine and the supplier.


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