Everything the modern processing plant needs...

With the BAADER Group as a supplier, you get a dedicated partner who focuses on total solutions with quality in all phases. Our goal is to ensure that each step of the process is completed without defects in preparation for the next step of processing. In case of processing defects, intelligent production control systems enable upstream information for correction or adjustment.

By focusing on total solutions we support a Safe Food Policy in everything we do. Our entire organization is dedicated to providing solutions that enable modern processing plants to maximize quality in the finished products while optimizing yield.

In the today’s challenging food processing industry Baaders mission is to provide the best solutions to produce safe food safely worldwide. Reducing labor by eliminating repetitive manual tasks with safe and hygienic automated solutions is our goal.

Baader is also aware that food processors are always searching for improved ways to monitor and control their production. Baader is taking care of this challenge and offers a Production Management Software to monitor and optimize the overall production performance. Baader supplies the customer with all real-time key results for each stage with full traceability and give the manager the possibility to make necessary real time adjustments to optimize yield, quality and throughput.

BAADER committed to quality in all phases of the process - for all stages of the value chain. Rather than installing one machine in isolation, we work with our customers to thoroughly evaluate their processing needs in order to provide the most efficient and financially viable solution for the job at hand. By committing ourselves to provide quality in all phases, we help our customer to a more profitable business while ensuring that all environmental issues are addressed with dedication from every individual in our global organization.

Safe Food Solution:

In our world, Safe Food means: Animal welfare, traceability, workers welfare and safety, hygiene, product quality, and environmentally responsible production

The BAADER Group is one of the strongest and most innovative business partners in the global food processing market. We provide a full range of technically advanced processing machinery to our customers worldwide. We are dedicated to develop state-of-the-art equipment for more efficient, safer and financially viable food processing.

BAADER offers the world's most innovative and reliable solutions at a fair price-performance ratio.
Through excellent quality, top service and excellent food safety services for our customers, we generate the maximum benefit.

This benefits everyone - our partners and, in consequence, we do!

Value follows Innovation!

We have made it to our goal to create long-term competitive advantages for our customers by providing the highest performing, most cost-efficient food processing equipment on the market.