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Brussels/Belgium –  April 24. - 26, 2018

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Our company offers complete processing line solutions to the industry – from receiving, stunning, gutting, heading, filleting, skinning, trimming, final inspection to sizing, grading and packaging. The BAADER group focus development on solutions for modern fish processing with a commitment to quality in all phases of the process. BAADERs mission is to assist all customers worldwide in providing safe food to all consumers in an efficient and responsible way. Due to a wide range of machines BAADER is able to adjust processing lines according to customer purposes.

At the SPG 2018 BAADER will display - once more - its competence in Whitefish Solutions.

Proven technology meets new design

The BAADER 191 for filleting whitefish is the successor of BAADERs worldwide known BAADER 190. It is suitable for onboard processing of whitefish.

BAADER 191 steps into the next dimension of on-board processing:

Higher Throughput
Besides the larger working range, BAADER 191 runs with increased speed so the customer gains higher throughput

Wider processing range

BAADER 191 has a wider working range. Bigger fish can be processed. For that reason BAADER 191 has a larger infeed area for easier handling of bigger fish.

Same footprint

The BAADER 191 is the successor of the worldwide known BAADER 190. Replacing the "old" BAADER 190 is very easy due to the same footprint.

Better performance
If a fish get stuck in the infeed area, the processing area is still running. Due to that, the amount of accurate processed fish increases.
BAADER 191 offers a wide storage of recipes, which makes it easier to control the setup.  

More stability

BAADER 191 works very stable due to a new driving technology.

Easy to maintain
BAADER 191 allows easy access to all areas for cleaning and maintaining.
The designer of this machine also took into consideration that the amount of wear parts should be reduced. Keep it simple! This is really an issue of current costs because the spare parts shop on board of the trawler can be much smaller.


More grade-A product with BAADER 582

One core product of BAADERs whitefish processing line is BAADER 582 - Filleting Machine.

During intensive industrial trials and adaptations BAADER perfected the performance of BAADER 582. Now it is one of the best Whitefish Filleting machines in the market.

The company Icewater in Canada - who tested one of the newest versions of BAADER 582 stated: "This machine now is head and shoulder above the old ones"

 More grade-A product - Higher Yield

The quality of the fillet is probably the best ever in the world, especially t in the high value loin area.

The customer can gain more grade-A product because more flesh goes into a A-grade product instead of being attached to the bones.

The membrane in this area stays intact. Due to the new cutting process, without stickle and scraper knives, there is no stress on the fillet- no gaping This is extremely important for soft fish. The black belly skin gets perfectly removed.

The fillet from BAADER 582 needs nearly no manual trimming

Continuously running

BAADER 582 runs consistently - nearly without jams and stops.

The customer gets more volume in the same period of time.

Wide working range - without manual adjustment

BAADER 582 is very comfortable in operation. A wide working range can be processed without adjustments and the customer can switch over between different species, e.g. Cod, Saithe or Haddock by easy settings via Touchpanel.


BAADER 241 - new generation of Salmon Processing - HEAD FIRST

The skinning Machine BAADER 241 is now able to run salmon fillets head first with best performance.

There is no need to turn the fillets after filleting. This is an important issue if the skinner is working in line. Less handling on the fish - less cross-contamination.

The complete line has a smaller footprint due to less machinery.

The skinning result is even and perfect due to self adjusting blade holders.

BAADER 241 is very easy to adjust - also during operation.

A special designed transfer plate allows the fillets to pass through the machine without skinning.

It is possible to make deep skinning or shallow skinning and even a maximum shallow skinning. The change over between deep and shallow skinning can be done very easily with only one handle.


Waterjet Cutting from BAADER .- the best performance ever

The BAADER Group offers - in corporation with  JBT - one of the best waterjet cutting solutions ever.

It combines X-ray technology from BAADER with waterjet technology from JBT.

The combination of BAADER’s X-Ray and weighing technology with JBTs waterjet cutting system provides highest flexibility at unrivaled speed. A significant increase of throughput and accuracy is attended by a clear reduction of manual rework and yield.

The BAADER waterjet cutting solution is working with up to 4100 bar and is able to do ALL cutting patterns - on customer demands. From 4 - 8 cutting nozzles guarantee a wide variety.

This means much more different cuttings at less time than other suppliers.

The waterjet solution from BAADER /JBT can support two BAADER Filleting Machines. Other waterjet cutter can only support one.


Soft Separation – dont’t put anything into waste  

The BAADER technology for clean separation of fish meat from bones, fins and skin that was developed in Luebeck / Germany, keeps setting new benchmarks when it comes to performance and product quality.

The application of these machines enables noticeable improvements in product quality at a consistently high level and with exact and repeatable production parameters.

Compared to the normal screw separators the BAADER principle is much more gentle in regards to a temperature rise of max 1°C, the protein molecule keep intact and the bones are not damaged.